UNISON Scotland’s Local Government Committee have launched a campaign today in light of the current COVID 19 situation and a response to 10 years of austerity.

Our members have responded brilliantly to this crisis and have shown how significant and required local government is to the community we serve.

The campaign has 4 strands that covers all local government & social care workers and addresses the immediate question of recognition for the additonal work and pressures during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The four key strands of work that will be captured under the banner of “Fighting Together Today For A Better Future Tomorrow”:

• Rewarding local government workers – seeking a COVID-19 premium that recognises the vital service that local government workers provide to our communities.

• Securing the long term financial stability of Local Government – lobbying for further investment in local government to protect jobs and pay for the future.

• Shaping local government for the future – looking at those roles that have changed as a result of COVID-19 and reviewing their job evaluation as a result.  This is in addition to the call we have already made for a review of the care at home job evaluation that needs to take place following the SSSC qualification requirement they will face from September this year.

• Consolidation of the Living Wage – delivery of full consolidation of the living wage for all across Scotland as committed to through our last pay deal.

We will use all tools in our armoury to support this campaign – negotiations, political lobbying and member mobilisation.


It has been agreed that a short-life working group will be established with COSLA to take these issues forward in negotiations.

We have drafted a set of terms of reference for that working group which have been shared with other SJC TU trade unions, SPDS and SOLACE – awating agreement.

It is important to state also that this is not a pay claim – we will consult branches and members on the detail of next years claim in due course.

Political lobbying

We have written to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Cabinet Secretary for Local Government pressing them to address the wider issue of local government funding.

We have written to COSLA setting out these key requests.

Branches and members can support this lobbying effort by using the model letter attached to write to their local MSPs/Councillors pressing these points and drawing attention to this on social media.


A short sharp survey has been produced to gather your views and will be used in the neogtiations. Please take some time to complete this important information gathering.

The link is here:


As both your Branch Secretary and Chair of UNISON Scotland’s Local Government Committee – I am proud of everything our members do day in-day out to serve our community.

You are owed a significant debt of gratitude and it is this for this reason that UNISON has launched this short and long term COVID 19 legacy campaign.

Members will be kept up to date with developments and further participation requests in the coming weeks.

Please see attachments for further information.

Mark Ferguson