Dear Colleague

UNISON has been in regular contact with the employer in relation to the recovery of Schools and Early Years.

The Scottish Government has announced that all schools across the country should be open from 11th August 2020. Renfrewshire schools and nursery classes were not due back until the 12th August 2020 under the current School year calendar.

There is a current consultation exercise underway with all stakeholders to amend the School year 2020/21 (this is carried out on an annual basis normally).

For those employees affected the proposal is as follows:

    • Return on 10th August 2020 (two days – Health & Safety Induction & In-Service)
    • Children expected to return on the 12th August 2020

It is proposed that these two days be re-allocated on 21st & 22nd December 2020 (with Schools finishing on Friday 18th December 2020 instead of the 22nd December 2020) – please note that this is a variation to the school year and not a contractual change.

If for any reason this causes any difficulties for you individually you should speak to your line manager in the first instance to consider other options.

The Branch Executive has discussed this position and feels in the circumstances that what is proposed is reasonable this year in light of the pandemic.


Based on the current Scottish Government & COSLA guidance it is proposed that Schools and Nurseries will open for children Mon-Tues & Thurs Fri and Wed for deep cleaning.
It is proposed that your normal hours for the Wednesday be spread across the other 4 working days with no requirement to work that day (there will be no financial detriment in this proposal).

This is only for an interim period and on a temporary basis.

Employees are asked to agree to this on an individual and voluntary basis, if for any reason you are unable to agree to the above recommendation, you should speak to your line manager in the first instance to  consider alternative options.

PLEASE NOTE: The Scottish Government may issue further advice/guidance which could require changes to the above proposals. Any such changes will be considered and discussed with the employer to ensure your safety, wellbeing and that of the children are central to the decision-making process.


Members are asked to contact the branch office directly either by telephone, email or through the renfrewshire-unison facebook page, should you have any concerns or require assistance and/or representation – from the 26th June until 10th August you should not contact the local representatives directly as they are also on downtime.

Mark Ferguson
Branch Secretary