Further to my previous email, I have now received a reply from the Leader of the Council – Cllr Iain Nicolson, advising that the employer intends to roll out advice to staff to claim the “homeworking allowance” directly through the HMRC. The Council have therefore decided not to pay the £6 per week (tax-free) amount directly into pay.

Claiming directly from the HMRC will have a detrimental impact on the amount you will receive (the HMRC will only pay the tax-amount on the £6.00 per week allowed).

Scottish Local Authorities have reported to the Scottish Government that they have saved around £81million as a result of the new working arrangements.

UNISON does not agree with the employers decision and will continue to pursue that matter both at local and national level.

The branch will convene a meeting for all those members who are “homeworking” to decide how we will take this matter forward. The meeting will be for UNISON members only, as we will be voting on the next steps, a requirement in our constitution when we have a formal “failure to agree”.

I will also be contacting members shortly about the divisive decision by the Scottish Government to only reward some workers (£500 pro-rata) for the COVID 19 response – UNISON has agreed at Regional Level an action plan for campaigning on this matter.


Mark Ferguson

Branch Secretary