I chaired a meeting of UNISON Scotland’s Local Government Committee this morning to discuss the pay offer made by the employers.

A decision was taken to proceed with a full consultation ballot of all members (SJC Conditioned) – The Scottish Local Government Committee is strongly recommending REJECTION of the offer.

Given the pay offer made to colleagues in the NHS last week (which I would like to make clear is well deserved) it is also clear that we are no longer the “poor relation” in the Public Sector, but more like the “distant relative”  forgotten about.

The offer made is a direct lift from the Scottish Governments Public Pay Policy – The same policy that the Scottish Government has now breached themselves.

More information will be issued in due course – in the meantime PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE REGISTERED AN EMAIL ADDRESS and/or MOBILE NUMBERS WITH US (we will be conducting the ballot digitally between 12th April & 28th April.

Scottish Council Leaders meet on Friday 30th April – all three trade union would like to have a confirmed position prior to that date.


Mark Ferguson

Branch Secretary